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Wolf's Rain quotes

Darcia: The world where you will go hand in hand with the flower maiden has neither perfect happiness nor joy nor life. This is because it also does not contain perfect sadness nor misery nor death. What lies in waiting is a paradise for wolves alone, the unclean humans are no more...come with me Cheza, it is time.

Kiba: That's strange. (while talking about Jagara's castle)
Tsume: That being?
Kiba: That you're whining.
Tsume: I just have a decent sense of danger.

Blue: Are you there, Hige?
Hige: Yeah, I'm here.
Blue: My vision is blurred. And I...
Hige: There's no need to worry. I'm not going anywhere. We can stay together like this forever. (puts his hand on Blue's forehead, brushes her hair away to show blood)
Blue: (closes her eyes, sighs) So warm.

Hubb Lebowski: Quent Yaiden . . . So, can you tell me what brings the sheriff of Kyrios to our humble city? That's some heavy artillery you have there, but I doubt that you came here just to hunt.
Quent Yaiden: Where is it? The animal I killed?
Hubb Lebowski: It's apparently dead. The body will be disposed of here.
Quent Yaiden: That's impossible! There's not a chance in Hell that that thing is dead! Show it to me, and I'll believe you! Don't you understand?! That thing is a wolf!
Hubb Lebowski: A wolf? You think it's a wolf?
Quent Yaiden: It looks like a dog, but it's not! It's a wolf! You don't honestly think that we killed all of them, do you, Detective?!
Hubb Lebowski: The last appearance of a wolf was over two hundred years ago. How do you think they survived this long without going unnoticed? The mountains and forests are all gone. There's no place for any wolves to hide anymore.
Quent Yaiden: I'm telling you, they somehow cast a spell over us! They're all around us! Wolves do exist, and we have to kill them all!

Hubb Lebowski: I thought that this sort of thing would be under your jurisdiction.
Cher Degre: So, then, it's alive?
Hubb Lebowski: Barely. I think it's only a matter of time before it goes.
Cher Degre: That sounds like us.
Hubb Lebowski: We're not over yet. We just need to keep trying.
Cher Degre: I'm not so sure.
Hubb Lebowski: (Hubb and Cher walk into the holding room to see Hige in front of Kiba's wolf form, who's held in a cage) Hey, what are you doing? What department are you with?
Hige: Oh, sorry. I was looking for cleaning supplies, and I, um, got lost.
Hubb Lebowski: The cleaning crew, huh? Just go out that door . . . (Hubb points to an open door) . . . and the supply closet is on your right.
Hige: Oh, really? Thanks. (Hige exits the room through the open door)
Hubb Lebowski: So, do you think it's a wolf?
Cher Degre: I don't know. For one thing, I've never seen one before. But, if it is a wolf, it may be related to Cheza's sudden reaction.
Hubb Lebowski: Oh, please. Not Cheza again.
Cher Degre: What's that supposed to mean?
Hubb Lebowski: It's because of Cheza you and I broke-up.
Cher Degre: Stop acting like an idiot, Hubb, and take this thing up to the lab.
Hubb Lebowski: I'll have somebody do it later. Dogs and I don't really get along. Actually, I'm allergic to them.
Cher Degre: This is the reason that you and I would never work.
Hubb Lebowski: I don't know; maybe it is only a matter of time.

Hige: That hot dog must've fried your brain!

Toboe: Who the heck was that? And what's up with his dog?
Tsume: I have no idea.
Toboe: You're Tsume, right? Wow. This is the first time I've ever met another wolf. I've heard rumors about you from the crows. They say you make friends with Humans, and run waild with them! Heh, heh.
Tsume: You heard wrong.
Toboe: I'm Toboe. Thanks for the help back there. You know, I've been with Humans for my whole life, too.
Tsume: Just get lost, okay? I'm getting pi****-off. And that only happens when I'm around idiots.
Toboe: But . . . Can't I come with you?
Tsume: No. You can't.

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