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Wizards of Waverly Place quotes

Jerry Russo: Well, guys, you managed to refrain from using magic the whole time grandma's been here.
Alex Russo: You're welcome.
Max Russo: It wasn't easy.
Justin Russo: Took a lot of restraint.
Jerry Russo: Well, you should really pat yourselves on the back.
Magdalena: Well, I've never been in *this* room before.
Jerry Russo: Uh, ah...
Magdalena: Wow, is this room what I think it is?
Max Russo: What room do *you* think it is?
Magdalena: Hmmm. (grabs Max) The wrestling room. (laughs)
Max Russo: Two out of three!

Max Russo: (after the tiny trophy man crawls up his sleeve and emerges from his pants leg, carrying a pair of white underpants) Hey, my underwear! Hey, you know what, I was wearing those for ten straight days!

Jerry Russo: Look, before you guys start working together, I want to make one thing perfectly clear: Do not come to your mother and me with your problems.
Theresa Russo: That's right. It's not that we don't care; it's just that this seems like a regular brother and sister kind of problem, not 'there's a black hole in the Sub Station sucking in the universe' kind of problem.
Alex Russo: When are you gonna let that go?
Theresa Russo: When someone finds my storage box, full of my Christmas sweaters.
Alex Russo: I don't think the black hole got rid of those.
Jerry Russo: No, it was the black hole.

Harper Finkle: I'd like to buy one of your CDs. The loudest, angriest, most soul-wrenching one you have.
Grrrtarist: Oh, you want the Christmas album.

Alex Russo: (Professor Crumb, about to take Alex's powers, is turned into guinea pig) Don't look at me, I don't have my powers!
Jerry Russo: (shocked) Justin?
Justin Russo: ...I panicked!

Jerry Russo: I know what you did, Alex. You broke the rules and used magic because you wanted Riley to ask you out
Alex Russo: I did no such thing! And it totally worked.

Harper Finkle: Battle Diva, Rise to the stars where you belong!

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