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Wishbone quotes

Wishbone: Hooray for Nathaniel. There's just one thing he didn't learn. (catches the ball in his mouth)

Wishbone: (Joe's laying on the couch watching TV) Hey, how much time can you spend doing nothing in front of a talking box?

Wishbone: Guys, you've got sticks and a ball. You're just missing one thing: the dog.

Mephisto: Faust can't go with you - - he had a deal with me, and he signed in blood. I get his immortal soul for all eternity.
Care: When a soul learns to care, even at the last minute in his life, that soul belongs in Heaven. Faust is coming with me... to Heaven.
Wishbone: (chuckling) So long, Old Scratch!
Mephisto: (in a tone of furious desperation, with flames starting to flicker up around him) No!
Wishbone: (calling back over his shoulder as Care is leading him out of the room) Don't forget to write!
Mephisto: (becoming so enraged that the flames rise up all around him in an enveloping inferno to consume him) NOOOOOO-OOOOOOOOOOOOOO...!

Joe Talbot: So your mom likes to be prepared, huh?
Ellen Talbot: Well she's just very... thorough.
Nathaniel Bobelesky: Well, they didn't know it but I had asthma when I was born, and I was really sick. Since then my mom really worries about me.
Ellen Talbot: Well, I understand; I worry a lot too.
Joe Talbot: You do?
Wishbone: What about me? Does anybody worry about my health?
Ellen Talbot: Of course I do, all parents do; we can't help it. We take care of you, and then someday you may have to take care of us.

Joe Talbot: You studied Latin, didn't you, Mom?
Ellen Talbot: Yeah, a half-a-zillion years ago in high school.
Wishbone: You're that old?

Wishbone: (of skates) Don't those things come with brakes?

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