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Will and Grace quotes

Karen Walker: It's the oldest story in the book. Boy meets girl. Boy wants girl to do dominatrix film. Girls says, "Naked?" Boy says, "Yeah." Girl says, "No way." Boy says, "Okay how about you just wear this rubber dress and beat this old guy with a scrub brush?" Girl says, "How hard?"

Rosario: Listen lady, in my county I was a schoolteacher.
Karen Walker: Oh yeah? Well in this country, you wash my bras.

Beverley Leslie: (walks into the room; sees Karen and Grace) Well, well, well. Karen Walker and her Jewess.

Grace Adler: Pam, did you fax over the drawings to the cabinaker yet?
Pam: Right after my smoke break.
Grace Adler: I already told you, there is no smoking here.
Pam: It is part of my religion.
Karen Walker: Smoking in the office... how inappropriate! Hey does anyone mind if I take my bo** out for a second?
Grace Adler: It's one thing at dinner Karen but work is where I draw the line.

Karen Walker: Honey, what is the problem? It was just a kiss.
Grace Adler: Oh, no, no, no. You don't understand. It was a really good kiss.
Karen Walker: (scoffs) Yeah! Show me.
Grace Adler: No.
Karen Walker: Show me!
Grace Adler: No!
Karen Walker: Come on. We're both stoned.
Grace Adler: Forget it.
Karen Walker: Shut up and show me.
Karen Walker: Yeah, you're screwed.

Karen Walker: Hey. Hey, you're on the clock, tamale. Get to work!
Rosario: Listen, lady, I'll squash you like a wormy apple.
Karen Walker: (suddenly emotional) Oh, Will, don't let them take my sunshine away!
Rosario: (embraces her) I love my mommy!

Jack Mcfarland: (screaming) Karen! You're bending my ethnic porn!

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