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Walking with Dinosaurs quotes

Narrator: Life on the Poles is a remarkable evolutionary achievement for the dinosaurs. But eventually, a slight cooling in the world's climates will spell the end of these lush forests. And without them, these unique dinosaurs will also disappear.

Narrator: Dawn over a silent forest a few hundred miles away from the South Pole. It is the end of months of total darkness, and as the sun's rays filter down through the trees, they reveal a cold harsh world.

Narrator: There are still islands of greenery between the barren lava flows. In the warm moist climate of the late Cretaceous period, the vegetation has transformed.

Narrator: It is the beginning of a period in Earth's history known as the Cretaceous.

Narrator: The Age of the Dinosaurs has dawned!

Narrator: Sauropods dominate the late Jurassic, and it will be millions of years before new dinosaur herbivores evolve to replace them. With their passing, life will never again be this large.

Narrator: First light across the western hills of Earth's only continent; Pangaea. This world has been ruled by one group of giant reptiles for over fifty million years. But these ancient creatures have had their day.

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