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Voltron Defender of the Universe quotes

Pidge: (weeping) At least I can think of Planet Arus as my home 'til I find where my family has gone. Wish I could've seen my backyard once more!
Princess Allura: Pidge, don't worry - *I'm* with you, we're *all* with you, and we'll be together always, I promise you that. When we get back to Arus, I'm going to make you an honorary citizen. Then, you'll have both a new home *and* a new world. OK, Pidge?
Pidge: I'd like that.

Pidge: It's one of those slave-ships from Planet Doom!
Hunk: You ever noticed how ugly those things are?
Lance: Sure, they're number one in the Space Ugly Hit Parade.
Pidge: (sarcastically) Gee, I thought they were kinda cute.
Princess Allura: Yeah, cute like a rattlesnake.
Keith: Rattlesnakes are nice compared to the guys who run *those* things.

Lance: We better go and help Nanny, before she yells herself hoarse.

King Zarkon: Lotor, you disappoint me. You've failed in your mission and you've lost my favorite Robeast.

Hunk: (Allura and Rommele are stunned when they see each other) She looks like Allura's twin sister.
Pidge: (looking from one to the other in amazement) I'm glad I'm wearin' my glasses!
Princess Allura: You must be the Princess of Planet Pollux.
Princess Romelle: I'm Romelle.
Princess Allura: I'm Princess Allura, of Planet Arus.
Princess Allura: They're almost cousins, but the resemblance is hard to believe.
Hunk: (nodding with Lance) Mm-hm.

Prince Lotor: I'd rather Arus surrender than force us to destroy Voltron. He could be of value to the empire.
King Zarkon: You're worrying about that princess as usual.
Prince Lotor: Ahhhh... I hope our little show today will stop her from resisting me any longer.

Guard: (to a disguised Sven who threw him out from a headlock when he didn't give their destination) What's your problem? You'll find out where we're going soon enough.
Sven: Yesterday wouldn't be soon enough!

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