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Transformers quotes

Hot Rod: (as Galvatron Walks past them) Does this mean the fighting will continue?
Kup: Hard to say.
Galvatron: (Galvatron shakes Optimus Prime's hand) There shall be no war today Optimus. You have *earned* Galvatron's respect!

Jazz: Thanks for the crazy waterskis, Wheeljack! I always wanted to play motorboat!
Sunstreaker: Ah, I wish they were painted to match my base coat. They clash.

Arcee: Rodimus, what's the matter?
Rodimus Prime: Autobots, this is not an easy victory for us. Though we've won we've learned that a powerful new enemy is after us... We have looked into the faces of our creators, and seen, the face of an enemy.

Optimus Prime: Matrix makes me too powerful.
Rodimus Prime: Now there's a unique complaint.

Snake: It's hard to find good help these days... COBRA! (coughing)

Crosshairs: We gotta stop our guys from destroying the thing that could wipe out the galaxy, and we gotta to straight into Deceptiville to do it!
Hot Rod: Yeah, we never seem to get a break.

Kendo Sensei: You are troubled, Autoboto-san?
Hot Rod: Who, me? Nah.
Kendo Sensei: You are lying, Autoboto-san.
Hot Rod: Yeah, I am.
Kendo Sensei: You wonder why I tell young Osu to banish thinking; to expect nothing. You wonder how victory can be achieved without expectations.
Hot Rod: The thought crossed my mind, yeah.
Kendo Sensei: One cannot think of victory, without also considering its opposite.
Hot Rod: Defeat.
Kendo Sensei: And thinking of defeat distracts the mind from what must be done in order to win.
Hot Rod: Gotcha. And what must be done?
Kendo Sensei: Whatever destiny obliges one to do; one's Giri. For he who deserts his obligation is already defeated.
Hot Rod: Thank you, Sensei. You've given me a lot to think about. (bows)

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