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Transformers Prime quotes

Arcee: Bee, listen! You don't think I know how it feels to watch a partner... harmed. Revenge won't help Raf right now. You need to keep your emotions in check!

Agent Fowler: How about some radio? You seem like a Nashville sound kinda guy.

Optimus Prime: Wheeljack, this planet is heavily inhabited. Any strike we make against the Decepticons must be carefully measured... as a team. Least we risk endangering the human population.
Wheeljack: Are you suggesting we just sit back and do nothing?
Agent William Fowler: You! Loose cannon! Your cowboy antics almost blew our cover!
Wheeljack: Cover?
Bulkhead: We're robot in disguise, Jacky. You need an Earth-based vehicle mode outside of here.
Agent William Fowler: That spaceship you shot down, NOT EARTH-BASED! Had to jump through some big hoops to get it hauled out of plain sight! You need to keep a tighter leash on your people, Prime!
Wheeljack: "A tighter leash"? Let me clarify, tiny...
Bulkhead: Jacky!
Wheeljack: ...I'm *not* one of Optimus Prime's people.

Wheeljack: (to Miko) If anything happens to my favourite Wrecker, I'm coming after you!

Megatron: I suppose helping those less fortunate would be completely out of the question? If that is the case, you may as well use your drill to finish me, I guarantee you will never have a better opportunity than right now... Well, what are you waiting for? Think of the glory! Seize the day! Optimus would.
Jack Darby: No, he wouldn't. Not like this.
Megatron: I will be sure to share the details of our little conversation with Optimus... the day I rip out his Spark!

Starscream: But, the Autobots! Optimus! Right there, waiting for you!
Megatron: My "greatest mistake"? I've made a few. But there is one I do not intend to make again!

Arcee: Scrap.

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