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Transformers Prime quotes

Knock Out: No worries, herr commandant.
Starscream: It is "Lord" to you!
Knock Out: Only if Megatron takes a nosedive.
Starscream: (snarls) The day our master emerges from stasis, I will graciously relinquish the title. But I believe that outcome is unlikely - something to do with the quality of medical care around here! So continue buffing. We do want Megatron looking his best for the memorial.
Knock Out: (flips Starscream off) Buff THIS.

Starscream: Do you not see that you are vastly outnumbered?
Wheeljack: I see fellas who might vastly enjoy watching me pound some dents into you.

Wheeljack: You keeping Bulkhead out of trouble?
Miko Nakadai: I try, but trouble finds us anyway.
Wheeljack: We're gonna get along just fine.

Silas: No! Noo! NOOO!

Optimus Prime: If you will not take orders from me, that is one thing. But when you place one of my Autobots in danger...

Starscream: I'm not really soo bad, you know. Megatron, he's the evil one.
Arcee: Tell it to someone who cares.
Starscream: Like whom? Airachnid? What I wouldn't do to get my hands around wretched throat.
Arcee: So we can agree on one thing.
Starscream: Oh, you have no idea. She showed up one day, and the next thing you know, she's acting like she runs the place. She whispers lies into Megatron's ear, maneuvered to rob me of my rightful place.
Arcee: Well, she terminated my partner.
Starscream: What? She's taking credit for scraping him now too? That was my doing!
Arcee: ...What? You won't there.
Starscream: Uh, of course I wasn't! I don't know what I was thinking.
Arcee: Who were you talking about?
Starscream: No one, who were you talking about?
Arcee: Tailgate.
Starscream: Ah... who's Tailgate?
Arcee: ...You were the one. You extinguished Cliffjumper!

Megatron: If this is my subconscious... what are you doing inside my head?

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