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Transformers Prime quotes

Cliffjumper: You want the horns?
Cliffjumper: You've got 'em!

Arcee: Hey partner, heck of a view you got up here. If there's even a small chance your spark is out there listening, well, we could really use you Cliff. Seems like everyday a new Decepticon arrives on the scene. We're outnumbered and outgunned. Yeah, I know what you'd say, "Sounds like a fair fight", and if that's the world we live in, so be it. I just want you to know, I haven't given up. I'm going to find the Con who took you from us.

Miko Nakadai: I'm Miko. Who are you?
Bulkhead: Bulkhead.
Miko Nakadai: Are you a car? I bet you're a truck - a monster truck! Do you like heavy metal? How much do you weigh? Ever use a wrecking ball for a punching bag? (Bulkhead looks confused)

Optimus Prime: Megatron: be gone!

Starscream: (Captured by the Autobots) No need to use force. I'll tell you anything you want to know.
Bulkhead: Is that right? And what do you want in return?
Starscream: I want to be... on your side.
Bulkhead: On our side? Haha, yeah right! And I've been lobbying with the Fallen!
Arcee: You wouldn't betray the Decepticons.
Starscream: Wouldn't I? What have they done for me lately, besides humiliate me, spy on me, demote me? Megatron tried to extinguish my spark in cold blood, then all but replaced me with that traitorous wretch Airachnid! She abandoned me! Left me for scrap! So why not rat them out?
Arcee: He's telling the truth about Megatron trying to scrap him. I saw it with my own eyes.
Bulkhead: You're not saying you actually trust Starscream?
Arcee: Trust him? Never. But this may be the one time our objectives align.
Optimus Prime: You're right to be weary, Bulkhead. But I agree with Arcee.

Starscream: (Opening lines) I have been a fool. Made mistakes. Monumental ones. I now realize I was never destined to be leader, or even an equal partner. And, I am at peace with that. I have gained a clear understanding of my place in the universe. Of who I am. Of who I was always meant to be. Starscream: second in command, humble servant to Lord Megatron. Thank you for listening, Soundwave.

Starscream: Yes! I love when a plan comes together!

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