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The Wire quotes

Joseph 'Proposition Joe' Stewart: Wanna know what kills more police than bullets and liquor? Boredom. They just can't handle that sh**. You keep it boring, String. You keep it dead fu***** boring.

Det. Barlow: Think I give a fu**? I'll be chalkin' you off someday.
Russell 'Stringer' Bell: You have a nice day.

Kima: (to McNulty) How come they know you're police when they hook up with you. And they know you're police when they move in. And they know you're police when they decide to start a family with you. And all that sh** is just fine until one day it ain't no more. One day, it's 'You should have a regular job.' and 'You need to be home at five o'clock'.
Mcnulty: "You need to stop fu***** waitresses."

Omar Little: The cheese stands alone.

Brother Mouzone: Lamar, where's my Harper's?
Lamar: Say wha'?
Brother Mouzone: Harper's. The new issue.
Lamar: You didn't say that one. You said The New Republic, and Atlantic, and a new somethin' else.
Brother Mouzone: I did not forget to tell you Harper's. Every week I tell you the same sh**, and every week you forget half of what I say.

Det. James 'Jimmy' Mcnulty: I listen to the sh** she talks about, first time in my life I feel like a fu***** doormat. Like anyone with any smarts would do something else with his life, you know, earn money or get elected. Like I'm just a breathing machine for my fu***** di**.

Frank Sobotka: You know what the trouble is, Brucey? We used to make sh** in this country, build sh**. Now we just put our hand in the next guy's pocket.

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