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The Wild Wild West quotes

Captain Ansel Coffin: To the cage!

Jeremiah: You know, when I go into the hills at night and I play my music, my brother the coyote answers me and tells me of his yellow day. And in the cool of the evening my sister the mockingbird sings, tells me of her joy of being alive. And in the first heat of the morning, my brother the lizard tells me of his.

James T. West: Now with all that settled we're on our way to Chicago, right?
Laurie Morgan: Wrong. I'm heading the other way. You see gentlemen like you still confuse me. Oh!
Laurie Morgan: I guess simple girl like me should just never leave home. Bye.
James T. West: Artemus, it's going to be a long trip to Chicago.
Artemus Gordon: James my boy, you just can't win them all. (Jim turns to leave and Artemus plays a taunting glissando)

James T. West: Well, I'm flattered. Are you asking me to join your group?
Mario Vincenzo Robespierre Manzeppi: Why not? You have much to offer us. Oh, a certain flair for assassination. A charming capacity to overcome odds. In short, style. We can use you.
James T. West: You'll, uh, you'll turn my head, Count.

Dr. Faustina: How did he did die?
Dr. Faustina: He was hang, of couse his crime must be murder.
Dr. Faustina: He killed a woman. Oh, how intersting. Murderers always make such good subjects. Their hearts are in the right place, so to speak. Of course his neck broken.

James T. West: See anyone you know?
Artemus Gordon: The one with the blue eyes looks familiar.

Jim West: Artie, you look a little pecked. How about a snack?
Artemus Gordon: I appreciate your concern. Right now I'd rather worry about Dr. Loveless.
Jim West: Worry, and eat. We need a weapon, don't we?
Artemus Gordon: What are you going to do, chuck him to death on a bone?
Jim West: Something like that.
Artemus Gordon: Would you mind telling me what you've got in mind?
Jim West: Just an idea. I need a little time to work it out.
Artemus Gordon: You wouldn't have any giblet gravy in your pocket, would you?
Jim West: Ever kill a man with giblet gravy?

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