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The Walking Dead quotes

Duane Jones: Daddy, can I learn to shoot? I'm old enough.
Morgan Jones: Hell yes, you're gonna learn. But we gotta do it carefully, teach you to respect the weapon.
Rick Grimes: That's right. It's not a toy. You pull the trigger, you have to mean it. Always remember that, Duane.
Duane Jones: Yes, sir.

Andrea: Wrapping paper, colored tissue, anything? How can you not have any?
Dale: Well, if I'd been informed of the coming apocalypse I'd have stocked up.

Rick Grimes: We gotta keep moving. There have been Walkers crawling all over here.
T-Dog: I say head east.
Daryl Dixon: Stay off the main roads. The bigger the roads, the more Walkers, more as****** like this one. I got him. (fires arrow at a Walker)

Rick Grimes: (Jimmy reaches for a rifle; Rick takes it from him) You ever fire one before?
Jimmy: Well, if I'm going out I want one.
Daryl Dixon: Yeah, and people in hell want Slurpees.

Rick Grimes: (to Shane) That vase - that's something special. 'Fess up. You steal that from your Grandma Jean's house? I hope you left her that spoon collection.

Rick Grimes: I killed him. I killed Shane. He came at me. He killed Randall to get me in the woods. He planned it. I had - I had no choice. I gave him every chance... and he kept leading me further out. He pushed me, and I let him. After awhile, I knew - I knew what he was doing, what he was up to. And I kept going. I didn't stop. I could have, but... I just wanted it over. do***** me every step of the way. Acting like I stole you and Carl, like... like I was in the way. I just wanted it over. I wanted him dead. I killed him. He turned. That's how I knew Jenner - Jenner was right. Carl put him down.

Rick Grimes: You thought there was a cure. You can't blame yourself for holding out for hope.
Hershel Greene: Hope? When I first saw you running across my field with your boy in your arms, I had a little hope he would survive.
Rick Grimes: But he did.
Hershel Greene: He did. Even though we lost Otis. Your man Shane made it back and we saved your boy. That was the miracle that proved to me miracles do exist. Only it was a sham, a bait and switch. I was a fool, Rick, and you people saw that. My daughters deserve better than that.

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