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The Venture Bros. quotes

Henchman 24: Ah, don't knock or anything. It's not like I live with eighty guys and no women, so there is no chance I'm masturbating!

Race Bannon: Do me a favor, Brock.
Brock Samson: Anything, old friend.
Race Bannon: Tell... Jonny... I love...
Dean Venture: Ewww! I didn't know they... Ew!
Brock Samson: Yeah, they never show that part on TV.

Hank Venture: (Attempting to wake up Brock in his room by shaking his arm) G'mornin', Brock...
Brock Samson: (Wakes with an involuntary choke hold on Hank, sees that it's Hank and drops him) Hank... you alright?
Hank Venture: (recuperating on the floor) I think I will be.
Brock Samson: (regains his stoic posture) Hank, ya gotta quit sneakin' up on me like that.

Brock Samson: I gotta admit I always wanted to get Edgar Allan Poe in a headlock. That thing is like a pumpkin!

Dean Venture: I'll be sleeping in a room right next to Triana. And then she'll hear, like, thunder or something, and she'll run into my room all scared and stuff. And I'll be like, "Hush, my darling. It's just ionized air molecules expanding." And she'll be like, "Oh, hold me." And then I'll, like...
Hank Venture: Dude! If we stay here, that means that we'll be Dr. Orpheus's kids. And that means Triana will be your sister. And that means you two will have extra-re**** babies.

Baron Underbheit: You have to give me this one. I've loathed Venture ever since college.
The Monarch: Oh, who hasn't, Underpants? What makes your case so special?
The Monarch: Wow, you mean he did that? How?
Baron Underbheit: Where I come from, a lab partnership is a sacred trust. One is always suppose to look out for one's lab partner. Venture did not.
The Monarch: Fine, fine. But you have to understand you can't waltz into the middle of a delicate, high-stakes chess tournament and yell, "King me!" 'cause he bitched up your face.

The Monarch: Holy sh**! You're Dean fu***** Venture!

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