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The Vampire Diaries quotes

Damon Salvatore: Elena know you've been drinking blood?
Damon Salvatore: I've been drinking hers.
Damon Salvatore: Hmm. How romantic.

Rose: Elijah was the Easter Bunny compared to Claus.

Stefan Salvatore: He killed Zach, he killed Tanner, he turned Vikki. I have to kill him.

Rose: I'm a vampire. I haven't had a cold in five centuries.

Elena Gilbert: Stefan, what are we doing here? We're going to get caught.
Stefan Salvatore: Well I compelled the guard to go on breaks so I could kiss my girlfriend, onto of the Ferris Wheel. (Ferris Wheel lights up)
Elena Gilbert: Stefan...
Stefan Salvatore: We have to take these moments Elena. Alright? What Katherine did to Caroline could just be the beginning and... and then there's things with Tyler's family which we don't even understand yet, I know there's always the D word but I came back to this town to start a life with you. We can't forget to live it.
Elena Gilbert: (Smiles) Stefan, how are we going to get to the top?
Stefan Salvatore: I guess you'll just have to hold on tight. (He wraps his arms around Elena before jumping up to the top of the Ferris Wheel)

Stefan Salvatore: (to Bonnie) I know how you feel about helping us out, but since you're the one who linked Mason to Katherine, we finally have an opportunity to get an upper hand on both of them, so just hear us out.
Damon Salvatore: Pretty please.

Jeremy Gilbert: Look, I'm sorry about your dad.
Tyler Lockwood: Today's been a big day of sorry's from people who really don't give a cr**.
Jeremy Gilbert: I remember when my dad died, I had a houseful of strangers telling me what a great guy he was. Anyway I know how hard all this is.
Tyler Lockwood: Difference is in your case it was true. My dad was a di**.

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