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The Unit quotes

Julianna: I'd like to toast the young sergeant, and I'd like to toast the finest men that ever lived. Absent friends and fallen comrades.
Mack 'Dirt Diver' Gerhardt: Day of the Dead. Julianna, Charles Grey, Hector Williams, Bob 'Cool Breeze' Brown, Kim Brown: Day of the Dead!

Jonas Blane: Ron here went from best shot in the Unit to best gunsmith in the world.
Ron Cheals: Ladies' man to being lady's maid, hoo-ah.

Molly Blane: (to Kim, who has packed her car to leave the base) You say you love him. Now are you brave enough to act on it? Here you are, a pretty little girl - fine daughter - a child on the way, a man in combat. You're frightened, and you want him home. This is not your own special circumstance. You know what this is? It is the history of the world. You want to think about that for a moment.

Mack Gerhardt: You pack a .45 instead of a 9?
Bridget Sullivan: That's right. When I can.
Mack Gerhardt: Why?
Bridget Sullivan: Which would you rather be shot with?

Jonas Blane: Well, how about that? The bullets go where you aim the gun.

Jonas 'Snake Doctor' Blane: (Jonas has discovered the missing money in their account) How do I earn my money? I do not make cornflakes for a living. I earn my money at the risk of my life out there, letting the scum of the earth shoot at me. You *know* that's how I make my living. That's why my bosses pay me... and you wish it away.

Mack Gerhardt: (Speaking of Metz) Who the Hell gave him any power?
Bob Brown: You heard him: he held a weapon in Desert Shield.
Charles Grey: (laughing) Is that what he was holding?
Jonas Blane: You know, a month's salary says he never made it out of his hotel room in Kuwait.
Mack Gerhardt: If that guy has seen more than an hour of combat, I'm gonna have to restructure my entire vision of the world.

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