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The Streets of San Francisco quotes

Abel Hoffman: (to Father Scarne) Don't talk to me about dreams, okay? I heard the dreams you dish out to those losers over at your mission. Nothin' matters now. "It'll be better in Heaven." Well, I want it now, and I'm gonna get it.

Inspector Steve Keller: (Bringing Beverley's "trick book" to Stone) There's gotta be over 200 names in this thing.
Detective Lt. Mike Stone: Anybody we know?
Inspector Steve Keller: (Chuckling) I always thought you were a voyeur.
Detective Lt. Mike Stone: I find out what that means, you can be back driving a black-and-white again.

Bret Wilson: That's the big problem with secrets, Mr. Rankin. Somebody always knows.

Detective Lt. Mike Stone: Our u-turns are fringe benefits; his are illegal.

Mary Rae Dortmunder: Saint-Exupery wasn't only a children's writer; he was a pilot, and an adventurer, and a romantic. "The Little Prince" is about humanity... and love.
Art Styles: Mary Rae, where do you live?
Mary Rae Dortmunder: I'm not sure I follow.
Art Styles: I mean, you're talkin' about Byron - Lord Byron - and those sisters.
Mary Rae Dortmunder: The Brontes.
Art Styles: All that fairyland thing. I mean, you live out here somewhere, where the wallpaper never warps, the toilets don't back up.
Mary Rae Dortmunder: Well, I just talk about what I believe, I guess.
Art Styles: Do you really know any people like you talk about? I mean here and now, on this planet, in this city.
Mary Rae Dortmunder: There are people who think the way I do.
Art Styles: Who? Teachers?

Artis Pierce: (Confronting Hobbes, who has been stalking him) Now you stay outta my tracks, or you've just ordered yourself a box, man. You had your chance. You could've put me away. But you buckled. Now bu** out, or they'll pick you off of the street with a broom and dustpan.

Nick Carl: You know why I came back, Johnny? Because you asked. I didn't even think about it. Otherwise I wouldn't have come back. I don't like remembering what I used to be. All those years, and all that time, I remembered I have one friend. One guy I figured I owed. No questions. Do it, whatever it was. So I came back for one more job.

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