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The Six Million Dollar Man quotes

Jamie Sommers: I don't know what it is, but sometimes I look at you and I get a feeling like there's something more. Was there?
Col. Steve Austin: I'm your friend, Jaime, always was, always will be.

Barbara Thatcher: Oh Steve, you have a wonderful way of making things easier... and harder at the same time.

Kuroda: We were not to live with our plane gone. My navigator Ioki did what was right. He committed seppuku. Harakiri.
Col. Steve Austin: And you couldn't. So that makes you a coward, is that it?
Kuroda: He earned his way to heaven. But when I saw him die, I could not do it.

Officer Banner: It's for you, Mr. Goldman. Picked it up on the underground frequency.
Oscar Goldman: (reading from card) To Snow White. Sneezy needs taxi. Please wait at curb.

General Koslenko: The last tremor that we had here disrupted our computer. Now Mr. Goldman, our computer has activated a nuclear weapon which is going to go off in less than one hour.
Oscar Goldman: General, there was no mention of a nuclear weapon.
General Koslenko: Well, there was no need to mention it. Now my two officers and Colonel Austin are trying to stop the detonation, but I must tell you that it's hopeless.

Col. Steve Austin: (referring to Sasquatch) Have you made others like him?
Shalon: No, he's my baby.

Col. Steve Austin: I don't know. It's... it's like there's something there. I can almost remember, but not quite... it's frustrating.
Jamie Sommers: Tell me about it. I'm the one who wrote the book on partial memory, remember?

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