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The Return of Sherlock Holmes quotes

Dr. John Watson: You were quite the heroine of the occasion, Mrs. Hudson.

Dr. John Watson: I would have thought I was as trustworthy as your brother.
Sherlock Holmes: Of course you are, Watson! (sighs) But you have a kinder heart.

Sherlock Holmes: A Spaniard would write to a Spaniard in Spanish, Watson.

Sherlock Holmes: The situation is desperate... but not hopeless.

Dr. John Watson: (Holmes has brought along a trunk full of his earliest cases) I wish I had notes of these cases. (Holmes promptly uses the trunk as a footrest)

Dr. John Watson: (awaking in bed after Holmes has tickled his foot) What time is it?
Sherlock Holmes: Dawn.
Dr. John Watson: Uh... I've only had two hours sleep.
Sherlock Holmes: I wonder if you'd do me the very great kindness of considering the possibility of waking up.
Dr. John Watson: I... I assume you have a good reason.
Sherlock Holmes: Are you game for a drive?
Dr. John Watson: Certainly, but does it have to be this early?
Sherlock Holmes: I have a little theory I wish to test.
Dr. John Watson: Is anyone's life at stake?
Sherlock Holmes: Certainly not!
Dr. John Watson: Would it be possible to test your theory a little later this morning?
Sherlock Holmes: (leaving to go downstairs) I'll see you downstairs in five minutes.
Dr. John Watson: Five minutes. (sighs and lies back)

Colonel Ross: I must say I am rather disappointed in our London consultant. I don't see that we're any further than when he came.
Dr Watson: At least you have his assurance, Colonel, that your horse will run.
Colonel Ross: Oh, yes, I have his assurance. I should prefer to have the horse.

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