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The Mentalist quotes

Lisbon: What did you learn?
Patrick Jane: She's scared. She's of Italian descent. She bites her nails. She doesn't like pets or pineapple.
Lisbon: Useful stuff.

Lisbon: Hey, can you believe he fell for that old cell-phone gag?
Patrick Jane: Old cell-phone gag? I invented that right there and then. Rather brilliantly, I thought.
Lisbon: Oh, please. I've seen that done a dozen times.
Patrick Jane: What do you mean? Where?
Lisbon: On TV.
Patrick Jane: Oh, on TV. Well, anything can happen on TV. The question is, where have you seen that done in real life?

Patrick Jane: (after Mashburn's car goes over the edge) Well, uh, at least no one got hurt... It's a terrible color any way... Uh, I'll get you a new one... Sorry.

Dr. Linus Wagner: Your friend Jane is very clever. But I don't think he realizes the rageful feeling his trickery can provoke. I've felt that rage. I've thought of various unpleasant things I would do to him. And right now someone is acting on thoughts like those. Aren't you worried what's being done to him? There are things so much worse than killing a man.
Teresa Lisbon: You can go to Hell! And when they kill you, I'm going to be there to watch.

Patrick Jane: I want you to think of this before you go to sleep. You are nothing to him, but a useful object. He is not a good man.

Ap: (talking about the painting) $50,000,000, right there.
Patrick Jane: It's about $10,000 right there. It's a fake.
Ap: The hell it is.
Patrick Jane: Fake as a $6 bill.

Kimball Cho: That's a high end sensor lock. It's gonna be tough to bust into. I'll call tech services. Tell them we need a locksmith.
Teresa Lisbon: (Finding the victim's severed finger) Uh, don't bother. I found a key.
Kimball Cho: No, this type of safe doesn't use a key.
Teresa Lisbon: (Lisbon puts the finger on the sensor) Oh yes it does. (Lisbon gives the finger to Van Pelt) Bag it.

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