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The Maxx quotes

Julie: You, however, have a problem with women.
Mr. Gone: (scoff) How perceptive... did you figure that one out when I kidnapped you, or tied you up with leather straps? OF COURSE I'VE GOT A PROBLEM WITH WOMEN!

The Maxx: To be first in the soil, which erupts in the coil, of trees veins and grasses all brought to a boil. Wait, it's different somehow, cause this land isn't mine, and my brain has been freed, I'm not thinking in... poetry stuff.

Sara: Life is pretty pathetic when even your own hallucinations lie to you.

The Jungle Queen: I'm that part of you that escapes, Julie. I reflect what's deep inside, the image of strength and independence you felt before you were... violated. But as I absorb more misery and bitterness, I change. I fear what I am becoming, Julie. But now that you have seen this, the world can never be the same size again.

Sara: Ok, heres the point in the story where I have this cathartic revelation that suicide's wrong, that life's worth living and everything'll be OK. Yeah, right. And that's why this story doesn't work! (Throws the gun down) 'Cause I just don't buy it.
Julie: Nobody buys it, but that's not why you go on.
Sara: Why then?
The Maxx: Because things'll change. You'll change.
Sara: What about right now?
Julie: Right now, you wait.

The Maxx: She helped people by controlling them, hoping to smother her own pain. And, somewhere in the wild land, in the land of dreams, in Pangaea, her inner-self was imprisoned by her own self-loathing.

The Maxx: For her, I could be a HERO!

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