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The Invaders quotes

Narrator: (Epilogue Narration) A defeat for the aliens; a victory for the world. Four people, each with an unfinished mission and work to do.

Narrator: A girl's life. For David Vincent, a very personal reason why the war must go on, why the world must be alerted, why the Invader must be destroyed.

Narrator: (Epilog Narration) Eyewitnesses attesting to the presence of the Invaders. Another piece of the mosaic and soon the pictures that David Vincent sees will be seen by all today. The road ahead seems not quite so steep.

Narrator: (Opening Narration) A truck driver's bizarre death only added to the growing panic in a remote corner of West Virginia. Nine had died in a 48-hour period - all frozen. Six hours ago, it became the responsibility of Dr. George Grundy, United States Public Service, to bring the epidemic to an end - to find an answer to deaths which medical authorities found no answer. One man suspects the true nature of the strange and terrifying blight; that its source lies somewhere out in the vast reaches of space. That man: David Vincent.

Narrator: (Epilog Narration) David Vincent will seek out the Invader again, facing a world that cannot believe him, not quite so alone now. For he has found another who does believe: a girl of courage and spirit; a girl of vision.

Narrator: (Act One Narration) The nation has been stunned. The first screaming newspaper stories spoke of a fishing accident and the strange, red fog. Two men, slated to walk on the face of the moon, had unaccountably perished. For David Vincent, there was an answer, terrifying in its implications. And so he came to the Florida Keys to find the radio operator who had heard the vacationing astronauts' final words.

Narrator: (Opening Narration) A summit conference in a mountain stronghold, 18 miles from the Baltic Sea. There are two who do not share the high optimism of the other arrivals here: David Vincent and his ally and friend, Mike Tressider, who step off a helicopter and into a moment of history. They share the grim knowledge that this conference was initiated and is being controlled by alien Invaders.

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