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The Gumby Show quotes

Pokey: (Gumby caught a baseball in his belly) Good work, Gumby. That's using the ol' stomach.

Jellyroll #1: (In an oven, Gumby is spotted) I say, Rolly, look at that green chap. Wouldn't he make great jelly filling? Ha ha ha.
Jellyroll #2: Yeah, let's get him.

Gumby: Do you want to try it, Pokey?
Pokey: No thanks, I prefer grass.

Gumby: (after he and his friends enjoy lemonade) How about another round, waiter?
Salesman: Certainly, Sir. That'll be .40¢ more.
Gumby: Huh? But your sign says, "All you can drink for .10¢."
Salesman: Well that's ALL you CAN drink for .10¢.

Gumby: When I give the signal, run and get in that jeep.
Pokey: What if the soldiers see us?
Gumby: Don't worry, we can beat them to the book in that. Ready? Go! (they run over to Gumby's jeep; the soldiers fire on them; Gumby starts it in his second attempt and they drive off) They'll never catch us now. Paul Revere, here we come!
Pokey: Gumby, look out! (a cannon sitting in front of them fires)

Pokey: We've been framed. Never trust animated people.

Pokey: What does that do to the dough?
Dough: It kneads it.
Pokey: It needs what?
Dough: It kneads the dough.
Pokey: The dough needs the dough?
Gumby: (Dough looks to Gumby helplessly) Pokey, he means the machine KNEADS the dough.
Pokey: Oh.

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