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The Greatest American Hero quotes

Sgt. Jenson: You're the only one that can save the world from destruction. If you fail... this planet will simply turn to dust.

Bill Maxwell: She probably thought she saw what she said she thought she saw.

Pam Davidson: I wouldn't use that phone, Bill. The hospital may want you for a lobotomy.

Ralph Hinkley: Oh, terrific. Now I can join a flea circus!

Bill Maxwell: It was gonna be a very extensive search, because old Ralph couldn't pick his trusted friend, Maxwell, who was obviously best suited for the job and to receive El Suito. No, no, he had to pick somebody new.

Ralph Hinkley: You can't go because... WE'RE THE PACKAGE, BILL! Those little green guys they... they didn't pick us out by accident! We're supposed to do this as long as it takes. How many times have you told that to me?

Lone Ranger: Everybody loves the Lone Ranger.
Ralph Hanley: (in a deep, dramatic voice) "Some thought he was on the side of the outlaw, many knew him as a lone rider dealing out justice to the law-abiding citizenry. None knew where he came from and none knew where he went."
Lone Ranger: Hey, you really are a fan.
Ralph Hanley: Oh, you bet, you bet I am. Only when I was a kid it didn't sound so, uh...
Lone Ranger: So, uh, corny?
Ralph Hanley: Yeah.
Lone Ranger: See, I don't think it's corny. I think it's important. In the cold light justice and morality always look corny. And you can't wave the flag and look cool. But like it or not, our society needs its heroes.
Ralph Hanley: Anybody in a mask tried dealing out justice today they'd probably lock him up.
Lone Ranger: Well, maybe. But I don't think that'd stop the Lone Ranger. Do you?
Ralph Hanley: (Thoughtfully) No.

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