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The Forsyte Saga quotes

Emily: The last time I saw that expression on your face, you were Val's age.
Soames Forsyte: Mother!
Emily: You pestered us for months for that kitten. What was it? Six weeks old? You dressed it like a doll, fed it until it was sick, and smothered it.
Soames Forsyte: I loved it!
Emily: That's what I thought. I should have whipped you. I should have taught you not to love like that. With all your heart.
Soames Forsyte: Mama...
Emily: Yes, it was my fault. You feel things too much. You always have.

Soames Forsyte: so... if you couldn't commit the matter to paper...
Jolyon: keep your daughter away from my son! You probably know, they are together, as we speak.
Soames Forsyte: (takes off his glasses) I had no idea.
Jolyon: They met at June's gallery. My son is staying with Val and Holly. Your daughter invited herself down, finagle her way in!
Soames Forsyte: Val Darty and his wife extended Fleur an invitation...
Jolyon: She forced their hand! She must be like you, she sees something and decides to get it.
Soames Forsyte: (puts down his glasses) so what do you want me to do?
Jolyon: make sure, that this doesn't happen again.
Soames Forsyte: Stop it, you mean?
Jolyon: Absolutely.
Soames Forsyte: You come here, behind your son's back, and tell me to break this up. (gets up from his desk, walks towards Jolyon) You! Of all people, the man who once lectured me on the importance of happiness in marriage; the man who spurned his own family to follow his heart; who stole another man's wife in the name of love...
Jolyon: Jon and your daughter aren't in love...
Soames Forsyte: (raising his voice) Have you asked them?
Jolyon: ...
Soames Forsyte: This liaison is repugnant to me too - your son with my daughter. I will do my best to stop it and I presume you will too. But at least I don't have to play the hypocrite. Good evening to you sir.

June: Come to pay your last respects?
Soames Forsyte: Your guests are waiting.
June: I'll introduce you: Mr. and Mrs. Baines, meet the man who killed your nephew!

June: There is something ironic, isn't there, that all the people I love, REALLY love, all gravitate to her in the end. And they always love Irene more.

Irene Forsyte: If I marry you, you must make me one promise. If our marriage isn't a success, you must set me free.

Irene Forsyte: You must promise me that if our marriage is not a success, you will set me free.

Soames Forsyte: She is mine!

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