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The Black Donnellys quotes

Mrs. Donnelly: (to Sean) What you look like? Your face? I know that's who you think you are but it's not! It's what's inside your heart. That's what makes you a Donnelly. Your father would be ashamed of you if you thought anything else. Now I'm gonna put dinner on. And I'm not bringing it in here.

Kevin Donnelly: (Kevin and Joey sneak into a restaurant and find some Kosher wine) cr**! All we got here is Jew wine. We allowed to drink this stuff?
Joey Ice Cream: Who wouldn't allow you, Kevin?
Kevin Donnelly: I don't know. It's unholy or something.
Joey Ice Cream: It's fine!
Kevin Donnelly: I mean it's alcohol too, right?
Joey Ice Cream: Yeah, only it's Rabbi approved alcohol.

Jenny Reilly: You know Kevin tried to borrow four thousand dollars from me today?
Tommy Donnelly: Oh, *four* thousand. No kiddin'.

Jimmy Donnelly: Maybe we could go out sometime. Go see a movie, get a beer.
Jenny Reilly: What are you doing, Jimmy?
Jimmy Donnelly: I'm asking you out.
Jenny Reilly: You're such a jerk.

Jimmy Donnelly: (Jimmy and Joey begin to paint the Firecracker) What color is that?
Joey Ice Cream: Green.
Whitey: Jimmy?
Jimmy Donnelly: We didn't want green, we want clover.

Father Dufelt: (approaching Jenny sitting in the pew) Okay you outlasted me, you won't come in I'll come to you.
Jenny Reilly: Thanks Father, but I'm not here for confession.
Father Dufelt: You've been on your knees forty five minutes, I know a sin when I see one.

Joey Ice Cream: I was the only one who saw him, the only one who knew that it was Tommy driving the car. And to this day, it's the one thing I never told anybody. I'm ashamed to be telling you now. Tommy never stole a car again, never did nothing, turned his whole life around. I mean, he could have made it out, only he was never going to let his brother be hurt again. And this was the day that changed Jimmy's life forever. 'Cause Jimmy went to rehab, and Tommy... Tommy became everything he never wanted. And whether he realized it or not, with Huey dead, Tommy had just taken over the neighborhood. And he was going to have to defend it.

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