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That '70s Show quotes

Reginald "Red" Forman: Oh, Kitty, I wouldn't leave you for the car. Who'd make dinner?

Hyde: Special brownies... Like the special kind of special?
Donna Pinciotti: The best kind of special.
Fez: Something's wrong. I don't feel special.
Jackie Burkhardt: Me, neither.
Hyde: Yeah. I don't think those were special brownies, man.
Eric Forman: Oh, no, no. They're special. Say, Donna, do you have any more of that special ingredient we used?
Donna Pinciotti: Well, I certainly do, Eric. (brings out a box from a shirt pocket) Chocolate Super-Lax.

Steven Hyde: Hey, Donna, you want some pie.
Donna Pinciotti: No, I don't want any stupid pie.
Steven Hyde: Hey, I didn't kiss her.

Michael Kelso: Why are you guys all in Steven's room?
Fez: Well, Hyde was here so I came in because I am not comfortable enough with myself to be alone.
Michael Kelso: Yeah, but it's all gray like a prison cell. Gray is why prisoners are unhappy.
Hyde: Really, I always thought it was the loss of freedom ...... and the uninvited man love.

Michael Kelso: Hey, Eric, maybe she's going to give you the big gift. You know, the BIG gift. You guys know what I'm talking about right?
Steven Hyde: Yes, Kelso. We got it. Then, we got it.
Fez: I'm not even from here, and I got it.

Hyde: Where's the tunes, Forman?
Fez: I learned how to speak English faster than this.
Kelso: It's not real English if you speak it with a foreign accent.

Kitty Forman: Now Eric's leaving. What am I supposed to do?
Red Forman: Well, there's a car show in Kenosha this weekend.
Kitty Forman: A car show? I don't want to go to a go***** car show in fu***** Kenosha! I want 3 more fu***** months with my baby boy! I can't do that now because of your bullshit! Way to go, dumbass!

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