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That '70s Show quotes

Donna Pinciotti: I want to send Eric some sexy photos.
Sam: Sure. I have some in the car. Want me to go get them?

Red Forman: I'm cracking down. And I'm cracking down hard! Starting right now, fun time is over! (stalks out of the kitchen)
Eric Forman: So where was I for fun time?

Kelso: You ladies don't know what I'm going through. I mean, you can have all the sex you want and don't have to worry about getting anyone pregnant.

Michael Kelso: (Michael arrives at the door to pick up Laurie for a date) Hello, Mrs. Forman. I'm here to pick up your daughter for our date.
Steven Hyde: Man, you're dating Laurie?... That's not "going where no man has gone before"; that's going where *every* man has gone before.
Kitty Forman: Steven, it's not nice to be so... truthful.

Red Forman: Get a job, HA. It's just party all night, dance all day, and sex everywhere in between.

Fez: If there's one thing guys like us know, it's how to have sex. Oh, I cannot live with this lie. Everyone, prepare to be shocked. I, Fez, am still a virgin.
Eric Forman: (sarcastically) Gosh. My world no longer makes sense.

Red Forman: Forman, party of two.
Restaurant Hostess: Okey dokey, that'll be about two hours.
Red Forman: Here's twenty bucks.
Restaurant Hostess: Okay we'll have something in fifteen minutes.
Red Forman: You don't want this place to burn down twice do you?
Restaurant Hostess: Okay we have something right now.
Red Forman: I thought so. Well, it looks like it's our lucky night.

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