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Terra Nova quotes

Jim Shannon: (about Boylan) That man does not like you.
Commander Nathaniel Taylor: You could die trying to please everybody.

Skye: (Elisabeth is pulling a parasite out of Hunter's stomach) Hey. You're gonna be fine. Just 25 more feet to go.

Elisabeth Shannon: So what's this? Some kind of wine?
Jim Shannon: It's 85 million B.C. Very good year.

Boylan: What's in it for me?
Commander Nathaniel Taylor: We're talking about the welfare of the colony here, you son of a...
Boylan: Well, that's no way to haggle, Taylor. You can't just throw it all out there like that. Now I can ask for pretty much anything.
Lt. Alicia Washington: So, what do you want, Boylan? A statue maybe in the center of the market?
Boylan: Now, there's an idea. Me on a Pegasus. Bottle of whiskey in one hand, bolt of lightning in the other, Viking hat on the...
Commander Nathaniel Taylor: (grabs Boylan by the arms) On the other hand, I could just you let have a peaceful night sleep with four unbroken limbs.

Boylan: (points gun at a Sixer) Easy there, fella. Now this thing? Might be an older model, but trust me, it still works.
Commander Nathaniel Taylor: I had him right I wanted him. But thanks.
Boylan: Oh, well, lucky. Only had one bullet.

Dr. Elisabeth Shannon: Jim, I'm a Doctor not a Chemist

Maddy Shannon: And remember, don't take schist for granite.
Professor Ken Horton: That's very clever.

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