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Supernatural quotes

Sam Winchester: I'd double cross us.
Sam Winchester: Just making conversation.

Tortured Sam: I wish you hadn't come, Sam.
Sam Winchester: I had to. I'm here, right? out there in the real world, I'm at Bobby's, aren't I?
Tortured Sam: How do you know?
Sam Winchester: This whole time, I've smelled nothing but Old Spice and whiskey. Figured if I could get back here, back to my body I could, I don't know, snap out of it somehow.
Tortured Sam: First you have to go through me.
Sam Winchester: Why?
Tortured Sam: Humpty-dumpty has to put himself back together again before you wake up. And I'm the last piece.
Sam Winchester: Which means I have to know what you know. What happened in the cage?
Tortured Sam: Trust me. You don't want to know it.
Sam Winchester: You're right. But I still have to
Tortured Sam: Sam, you can't imagine...Stay here. Go back, find that bartender, go find Jess, but don't do this. I know you. You're not strong enough.
Sam Winchester: We'll just have to see
Tortured Sam: Why is this so important to you?
Sam Winchester: You know me. You know why. I'm not leaving my brother alone out there.
Tortured Sam: (picks up a knife and holds it out to Sam) I'm not going to fight you. But this is your last chance. (Sam takes the knife.) Good luck. You're going to need it. (Sam stabs him, absorbing his memories.)

Dean Winchester: Argh, the thought of him driving my car.
Sam Winchester: Oh come on.
Dean Winchester: It's killing me!
Sam Winchester: Let it go.

Castiel: We need to talk, Dean. Alone.

Dean Winchester: This is where he keeps his porn.

Dean Winchester: Hey.
Jo Harvelle: Hey.
Dean Winchester: Hmm. So, dangerous mission tomorrow. Guess it's time to eat, drink and, you know, make merry.
Jo Harvelle: Are you giving me the 'Last Night on Earth' speech?
Dean Winchester: What?
Jo Harvelle: What?
Dean Winchester: No. (laughs) No, but if I was, would that work?
Jo Harvelle: (smiles at him and sets her beer on the counter. She moves in closer, puts her hand close to the back of his neck and tilts her face up to his. Just as their lips are about to connect, she pulls back) No. Sweetheart, if this is our last night on earth, then I'm going to spend it with a little thing I call self-respect. (she turns and laughs softly as she walks away)
Dean Winchester: (watches her walk away and raises his beer to his lips) If you're into that kinda thing.

Sam Winchester: Dean, hey are you all right?
Dean Winchester: I'm super.

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