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Star Trek Deep Space Nine quotes

Odo Ii: (about bloodwine) It's a pity it doesn't have any bubbles.

Chief O'Brien: I'm ready to get back to work.
Commander Sisko: Oh, no, no, no. I had to use all of my influence to extend your accomodations at the lagoon. We'll drop you off on our way home.
Chief O'Brien: But we haven't any bags, no holo-cam. I-I've nothing to read!
Keiko O'Brien: Perfect!

Odo Ii: I remembered something that Eddington once said to me: the best place to hide something is in plain sight.

Odo Ii: Dr. Mora... I want to be sure, you understand... I had no idea.
Dr. Mora: You had to speak in a voice loud enough for me to hear.
Odo Ii: I'm... sorry.
Dr. Mora: I'm sorry it was necessary.

Amaro: (on the death of Boq'ta) He asked me to get a coil spanner for him. I just turned my back for a second...
Garak: That's a shame... And the worst part of it is - this isn't a coil spanner...

Captain Sisko: Curzon told me once that in the long run, the only people who can really handle the Klingons... are Klingons.

Odo Ii: You needn't brace yourself to give me unpleasant news, Commander, I'll save you the trouble: I've been relieved as Chief of Security! (walks out)
Commander Sisko: (goes after him) Odo, wait! You've not been relieved. You're still in charge of all non-Starfleet security matters aboard this station.
Odo Ii: And what about matters that *are* Starfleet?
Commander Sisko: In those areas you coordinate your efforts with Commander Eddington.
Odo Ii: (scoffs) 'Coordinate' is another way of saying I'll report to *him*!

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