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Spawn quotes

Billy Kincaid: I want my ice cream.
Clown: Sorry as*****, we're all outta ice cream.

Tony Twist: What the fu** is this?
Jason Wynn: No-one can know I'm here.
Tony Twist: You don't just bust in and fu** with me!
Jason Wynn: Shut up, Tony. What do you know about the creature on that video you sent me?
Tony Twist: Nothing. Except that he's one lethal sonofabitch! Anyone who can whack-out Overtkill.
Jason Wynn: I need it found. But I can't do it directly.
Tony Twist: Hey, forget it! That ba***** told me to stay outta his way; and believe you me that's exactly what I'm gonna do!
Jason Wynn: This isn't a request. You find him then you contact me.

Tony Twist: (opens the door to his limo, and the remains of Overkill fall out) Son of a bi***!
Spawn: That he was. But then again, so are you.
Tony Twist: What the fu**? Who are you? What do you want? Anything, anything at all.
Spawn: I want you to stay out of the alleys, Tony. Your business there is done, understand? Whatever wild hair you had up your as* about that place is officially plucked.
Tony Twist: You - you slaughtered my men!
Spawn: I'll let you in on a little secret: they were doing bad things. But relax, I'm through killing your men. Next time, if I see one of your brain-dead thugs so much as spit in the direction of those alleys, I'm gonna come back and pay you a little visit, Tony. And believe me, it won't be as pleasant as the visit I paid your hired cyborg. So here's how it goes: as of now, you work for me, and your job is very simple - give me my space. Understand? All I want is a little peace and quiet. Got it, fat boy?
Tony Twist: Yes.
Spawn: Say it.
Tony Twist: I work for you, and you want peace and quiet.
Spawn: And who am I?
Tony Twist: I don't know.
Spawn: That's right. You don't know. Let that little mystery keep you up at night.

Spawn: What kind of Heaven sends a creature like you?
Lilly: The rules have changed, Hellspawn. Heaven wants to win.

Jason Wynn: Who are you?
Spawn: Don't you remember me? You had me burned alive.
Jason Wynn: What? Simmons? Simmons, he's dead.
Spawn: No sh**.

Spawn: What kind of Heaven uses bounty hunters?
Cogliostro: Who did you think they would send, a carpenter wearing sandals?

Clown: So what's next, Spawn?
Spawn: Spawn?
Clown: Yeah, as in hellspawn.

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