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Spartacus Blood and Sand quotes

Spartacus: What would you do, to hold your wife again? To feel the warmth of her skin, the taste of her lips? How many men would you kill? A hundred? A thousand? There stands but one between you and her.

Spartacus: It will end one day, and we will be reunited.

Lucretia: "And I expect his co** in you, or you will find a sword in it's place"

Spartacus: You move well. As if lash had never struck.
Crixus: Pain is erased when inflicted upon others.
Spartacus: I would have you at your best when we face each other.
Crixus: Is that all you'd have for me. Rhaskos speaks of your desires. What fever grips brain, that Spartacus would think me to band with him. To risk the lives of my men, my life.
Spartacus: Is there one, without the woman you love within it?
Crixus: I've never had a stronger reason to live.
Spartacus: I know your heart Crixus. I felt the beating of it within my chest once.
Crixus: Then you know I'll fu***** survive, and see Naevia returned to me.
Spartacus: As my wife was returned. Batiatus ordered her death.
Crixus: How did you come upon this?
Spartacus: The tongue of his man Aulus before silencing it forever. I will see the house of Batiatus fall, and with it the villain's blood upon the earth.
Crixus: As would I in your position, but I am far removed. My escape would not aid Naevia. How would I purchase her freedom, or even find her?
Spartacus: Join me, and we will find her together.
Crixus: You know that in another life, you and I may have been as brothers. But not in this one. I must win my freedom in the arena.
Spartacus: Then we stand in the way of each other's cause.
Crixus: And both are just, but if I fall I'd have you swear to find Naevia, see her freed.
Spartacus: And I would have word that if you are victorious, one day you will have Batiatus' life (the two shake hands, sealing the arrangement). Tomorrow then, one of us dies.
Crixus: I fear it was always fated so.

Sura: The council has decided?
Spartacus: We go to war.
Sura: I've asked the gods to bless your sword.
Spartacus: Once the Geti are wiped from our lands there will be no reason to ever pick it up again.
Sura: What would my husband do without it in his hands?
Spartacus: Grow crops, raise goats, make children.
Sura: You would fight no more?
Spartacus: Forever, to be by your side.
Sura: How soon do you march?
Spartacus: At first light.
Sura: Then come to bed. If one night is all we have left, I should make the most of it.

Sura: Why did you kill him?
Spartacus: I had no choice, a man must accept his fate.
Sura: Or be destroyed by it.

Spartacus: There is but one path: we kill them all.

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