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Spartacus Blood and Sand quotes

Doctore: What is beneath your feet?
Duro: Sand?
Agron: (whispers, aside) fu***** idiot!
Doctore: Spartacus?
Spartacus: Sacred ground Doctore. Watered with tears of blood.
Doctore: Your tears. Your blood. Your pathetic lives forged into something of worth...

Batiatus: Why are you here, in this place, under my hospitality? Do you know why?
Spartacus: Because I trusted in the honor of a Roman.
Batiatus: You are here because of my grandfather. He built this ludus. He believed that no man was without worth. That even the most vile among us could rise to honor and glory. He instilled these beliefs in my father, who in turn passed them on to me. I am a lanista. Like my forefathers, a trainer of gladiators. I see things in men that they themselves have lost, small spark, an ember, I give it breath, tender, until it ignites in the arena.

Varro: There is no choice.
Spartacus: There is always a choice.

Batiatus: You were nothing before me. I gave you everything. I gave you the means to accept your fate.
Spartacus: Now you are destroyed by it.

Crixus: You strike a solid blow, against an ill-trained fool who taints the name of Gaul.
Spartacus: He may a fool. But he is one who is fit to train. Again!
Crixus: You doubt that I am fully healed? Because I will show you otherwise!
Spartacus: You over-reach, and here is the result.
Crixus: Do not address me as you would a recruit.
Spartacus: Then do not act like one.
Crixus: Words of import, from the mighty Spartacus. Bringer of rain, slayer of Theokoles. As if you stood against him on your own! Without my aid, you would have nothing. Not even your miserable life.
Spartacus: True. Yet here I stand, and there you sit.
Crixus: You know sh**, about being a champion. Of being a true brother. You're only playing at your own part. And one day the game will end.
Spartacus: Death comes to us all. Press me again, and you shall find yours.
Spartacus: You would kill a fellow Gaul, to save a man you hate?
Crixus: I did not save Spartacus. I saved a brother, who shares the mark. You have earned a glorious death, and shall die at the hands of a gladiator.

Spartacus: Glory?
Crixus: There is no greater thing than standing victorious in the arena.
Spartacus: Is there no purpose... beyond the blood? No dream beyond the cheering crowd? Is there nothing else you fight for?

Batiatus: What would you do to hold your wife again, to feel the warmth of her skin, to taste her lips, would you kill?
Spartacus: Whoever stood between us.
Batiatus: How many men? A hundred, A thousand?
Spartacus: I would kill them all.
Batiatus: Then do it in the arena. Fight for me, and the honor of my forefathers. Prove yourself, climb to the pinnacle, gain your freedom, and that of the woman you've lost.
Spartacus: I did not lose her. She was taken from me.
Batiatus: A man must accept his fate, or be destroyed by it.
Spartacus: Why would I place my fate in the hands of another Roman?
Batiatus: Because of what they hold. Your wife's? Pass the final test tonight with honor and servitude, call me Dominus, and I will help to reunite you. The choice is yours.

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