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Space Above and Beyond quotes

Commodore Glen Van Ross: Son, I don't think you're going to understand what I have to say. This
Commodore Glen Van Ross: is Rosayln. You damage her, you damage me, and I will make you walk all 12.6 lightyears back to Fat Anthony's Guitar Parlor in Shreveport, Louisiana to repair a single nick.

Capt. Shane Vansen: It's November 19th. Sunday back home. Sundays this time of year, I used to lay in bed and watch the morning football game. And then I'd go out when the sun was just... right. Golden. Autumn. I grew up in San Diego, and people say that there are no change of seasons in California, but... there are. I could always feel it. Always. There is just this... cold, inevitable edge in the air. The light, the colors... it's as if the Earth were letting you know that Summer was gone. There's no getting it back. Winter's coming and there's nothing that you can do to escape it. A lot of people say that they fall in love in the Spring. Not me. I always fell in love in Autumn. It is just the most... romantic... sexy... desperate... And I'll never see it again. This enemy could kill every last person on Earth and there would still be Autumn. But I'm going tomorrow morning to make sure that there is always someone there to feel it.

Capt. Shane Vansen: Lookin' for action. I'm a dead-stroke player going strong for the cheese. Won't fade with the nits or sharks. Got no time for hustles, lemonading, or stalling. Now, *who* in this room has the... *heart* to show me their speed?
Handsome Alvin: (like Clint Eastwood) They call me Handsome Alvin. This is my house. And in my house, attitudes like yours... get spanked.
Capt. Shane Vansen: Sounds like you got the plums... Alvin. Rack 'em.

Tyrus Cassius "Tc" Mcqueen: (narration) We thought we were alone. We believed the universe was ours. Until one night in 2063, on a Earth colony 16 light-years away, they struck. Now we're at war. We fight when called, in space, on land, and at sea. To lose this war means more than defeat; to surrender is to never go home. All of us must rise to the call... above and beyond.

Commodore Glen Van Ross: Who is that? Which squadron?
Communications Officer: It's the 58th, sir! The Wild Cards!
Commodore Glen Van Ross: Abandon All Hope my as*!

Lt. Vanessa Damphousse: Saratoga, this is Demios. Request response to request for air cover. Situation deteriorating... Many units in retreat... Airfield in jeopardy of being taken. Many casualties, request response.
Lt. Price: Demios, this is the Saratoga...
Commodore Glen Van Ross: (interrupts the LT to speak to the troops being left behind) Lieutenant. Marines, this is Commodore Ross of the USS Saratoga. We remain proud of you. Due to security reasons, I am unable to explain this painful directive. Due to the fortunes of war... Black Forest. I say again, Black Forest.
Capt. Shane Vansen: (Vansen interprets the code) No air support.
Commodore Glen Van Ross: Red Sea. Red Sea...
Capt. Shane Vansen: (Vansen interprets again) No ground reinforcement.
Commodore Glen Van Ross: You are encouraged, but not so ordered, to continue to engage the enemy. If, however, your positions become untenable, you are authorized to surrender. Semper Fidelis, and may God be with you always.

Capt. Shane Vansen: Even if we are trained to die, we have got to believe that we're going to live.

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