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So Weird quotes

Pete: Stay back.
Fiona 'Fi' Phillips: Don't worry. I won't bite.
Pete: Yeah, well, I wish I could say the same.

Bricriu: So, what's on your mind, "sis"?
Fi: I want to make another deal.
Bricriu: Oh, please...
Fi: No, I'm serious. I've been checking up on fairy tales. In "Rumpelstiltskin", the girl gets unlimited guesses. I want the same courtesy.
Bricriu: Unlimited guesses... and in return, I would get - ?
Fi: You understand Jack now. But you don't understand the mortal world. If I lose, I'll be your guide. You'll be president; heck, I'll be your Secretary of State.
Bricriu: Hmm, you wicked, wicked girl. I misread you, little duck. Well, I do want to get back, so I'll give you all the guesses you can make in an hour.
Fi: An hour?
Bricriu: Best I can do.
Bricriu: What is that?
Fi: It's a program Jack made so he'd never lose at Hangman.
Bricriu: What's it doing?
Fi: It's cycling through every one of the eight billion seven-letter combinations. Those will be my guesses and, by the way, I won't need the whole hour.
Bricriu: (nervous) This is cheating! You're not guessing out loud. You're using a *machine* to help you. I don't have to stand here and watch this. (he tries to walk away, but he cannot)
Fi: By the rules of Celtic magic, you do! You are obligated to stand here and wait 'til I'm done with my guesses.
Bricriu: You don't know what you're dealing with, girl. You need me. You're puny brother can't protect you the way that I can.
Fi: Yeah, protect me from what?
Bricriu: Do you really think I chose your brother by accident? Out of all the bodies in the world? They know about you. They know what you're up to.
Fi: They?
Bricriu: Those in the spirit world. They've been watching you sniff around, following the lay lines like a little bloodhound. They want you stopped and believe me, I'm a saint compared with that lot. Talk about no sense of humor.

Rebecca: (after yelling in a another language) That was Etruscan. My mom had a friend in that village when she was a little girl... That girl's bones are dust now!

Molly Phillips: We can't just walk up to a stranger's house, and say, "Are you okay?"
Fi: Can if you're with me.

Jack: This is stupid... There's nothing up here but broken glass and rusty pipes and - (screams) What was that?
Clu Bell: Rats, I bet. City's full of 'em. Don't worry, they're more afraid of us than we are of them... probably...
Jack: (raises hand) Check please!
Fi: We're not leaving here 'till we find out why this 85 year old kid is picking on me!

Annie: Wait, Jack, don't!
Jack: Don't do what, goofball?
Annie: (innocently) Nothing.
Annie: (turns around) Yup, that one never gets old.

Fi: You can't be afraid to think outside the box.

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