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Sesame Street quotes

Grover: Hello everybodeeeeeeeee! It is I, Grover!

Gordon Robinson: Sally, you've never seen a street like Sesame Street before. Everything happens here. You're gonna love it!

Forgetful Jones: (repeated Line) I forgot!

Fat Blue: (angrily) Do you think you can bring me a meal *without* dropping it on the floor?
Grover: Where there is life, there is hope.

Grover: Hello, sir, and welcome to Grover's Taxi.
Fat Blue: Oh no, it's you!
Grover: Yes it is I, your furry blue taxi driver. What can I do for you, sir?
Fat Blue: I want to go to the library.
Grover: Oh a very wise choice. The library is a wonderful place with books to read and you can listen to records like "The Air is Alive with the Sound of Music."
Fat Blue: I know that. Let's go.
Grover: You know you can take home books from the library too, if you bring them back of course.
Fat Blue: I know. That's why I'm going there.
Grover: Of course you could also go to the zoo.
Fat Blue: I don't want to go to the zoo!
Grover: Why? There are lions and tigers there. And the lions go Rrrrroar! And do not forget the monkeys, they are so cute, they go "Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!" And you can buy a balloon there.
Fat Blue: I don't wanna hear "Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh!" I don't want a balloon, I want to go to the library!

James Earl Jones: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten.

Big Bird: At last! Now you see him and you got to believe me. He's not imaginary after all. I told you all along there was a Snuffleupagus, my best pal. I told you, but you never believed me.
Gordon Robinson: Wait a minute, Big Bird. Maria, Linda and I believed you.
Big Bird: Yeah, but no one else did.
David Robinson: That's right, Big Bird. We didn't, but...
Big Bird: But what?
Snuffleupagus: Yeah, but what?
Susan Robinson: Big Bird, you have a right to be angry.
Big Bird: I do?
Susan Robinson: Sure, I mean after all this time, and we never believed you. That must have been very hard on you.
Big Bird: Well, yeah.
Bob Johnson: I'll tell you what, Big Bird. From now on, we'll believe you whenever you tell us something.
Big Bird: You promise?
Bob Johnson: We promise.
Snuffleupagus: We might want to get that in writing.

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