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Saving Grace quotes

Grace Hanadarko: What do you want, Earl?
Earl: I just want you to heal, Grace.
Paige: Am I safe?
Grace Hanadarko: Paige, come on, no! You need to be careful! Watch everyone around you!
Paige: You're scaring me!
Grace Hanadarko: Good!
Paige: And you're enjoying it!
Grace Hanadarko: Do you always talk to guys you don't know?
Paige: You sleep with guys you don't know. What's the problem?
Grace Hanadarko: The problem is, you don't have a gun.
Grace Hanadarko: Do you know how many bug jokes I'm going to have to deal with now?
Rhetta Rodriguez: Yeah. You used to eat crickets, Grace, and put rolly-pollys on your pizza.
Grace Hanadarko: On your pizza. Just once. Okay, three times, that's it.
Ham: Hey, Grace. I'm going to wait for you.
Grace Hanadarko: Here?
Ham: I'm going to wait for you to tell me you love me.

Ham: You gonna deck him again?
Leon Cooley: Do you want me to?
Ham: Yeah. Show me your stuff.
Leon Cooley: You can't handle my stuff, Dewey.

Lt. Yukon: I just got a call from the chief, who just got off the phone with the governor, who had just spoken to the richest cattleman in Oklahoma. Do you know who that is?
Grace Hanadarko: No.
Lt. Yukon: You just knocked him on his as*.
Grace Hanadarko: That guy? sh**. Alvin something.
Lt. Yukon: Alvin Green and you've got to apologize.
Grace Hanadarko: The guy was a di**.

Ham: Has he converted you, yet?
Grace Hanadarko: To what?
Ham: I don't know. Did he make you regret anything you like to do? Especially with me?
Grace Hanadarko: Yes, Ham, from now on, only our souls can screw.
Grace Hanadarko: You're an as*****.
Earl: You need to broaden your vocabulary.

Grace Hanadarko: Don't cancel the cruise.
Ham: You remember what happened?
Grace Hanadarko: I got shot. I mean it. The last thing I need is Paige coming at me with a bedpan.
Johnny Hanadarko: You're going to have to take it easy for a while, so you get mom or you get me. You know I'm a better cook. You get mom, you get her meatloaf. Thank God you were wearing a vest.
Grace Hanadarko: What about Kane?
Ham: He's hanging on. If he can make it through the night --
Grace Hanadarko: (touches her forehead) sh**, Johnny. Did you give me last rights? God da** it.
Rhetta Rodriguez: I don't like this getting shot. So let's say this is the last time, okay? Take it easy!
Grace Hanadarko: It's just a bruise.
Rhetta Rodriguez: A bruise?! For God's sake, Grace, you were dead.
Johnny Hanadarko: You know, you've got to talk to me if you want this to count as a clerical visit.
Grace Hanadarko: I don't wanna talk about God.
Johnny Hanadarko: Okay.
Grace Hanadarko: You lie, you're going to hell.

Ham: Where're my guns?
Det. Grace Hanadarko: I took 'em; took all of 'em
Ham: What, d'you think I'm gonna kill myself?
Det. Grace Hanadarko: I don't know, Ham.
Ham: I'm not; I got... twelve hours of sleep.
Det. Grace Hanadarko: You need thirty hours more.
Ham: I'm'a take a couple days off.
Det. Grace Hanadarko: Good.
Ham: When I come back, Grace, I want a different partner. Just for awhile, until I clear my head. I'll even hear from you, every step; I know that. I know you wanted to be at Ray's funeral.
Det. Grace Hanadarko: Why couldn't I be there?
Ham: Because you touch me, in a place I can't control, Grace. I need you too much.
Det. Grace Hanadarko: What are you talking about? You're my partner; I love you; I care about you. Why are you doing this?
Ham: I don't have the strength for you... now... Grace.

Earl: Truth or Dare?
Grace Hanadarko: You didn't accurately answer the question so, you lose your turn.
Earl: I don't know how old I am Grace; Truth.
Grace Hanadarko: What does your boss look like?
Earl: Who?
Grace Hanadarko: Your boss.
Earl: Who?... Got no problem sayin' his name while you're having sex.
Grace Hanadarko: You watch me having sex?
Earl: You'd be surprised how far your voice carries.

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