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SGU Stargate Universe quotes

Sgt. Riley: Yeah,I read about these chinese miners that survived a cave in for six days by drinking their urine.
Ronald Greer: I'm gunna go ahead and pretend I didn't hear that.
Sgt. Riley: You know what they ate? Coal.
Ronald Greer: Coal?
Sgt. Riley: Yeah, Thats a true story. I mean don't get me wrong it was pretty stupid. Nearly killed them.

Master Sgt. Ronald Greer: What kind of city doesn't have a gun shop?
Dr. Dale Volker: Maybe they're Canadian.

Everett Young: Thing is, these people left for a reason. We don't know what.
Master Sgt. Ronald Greer: Have you ever been to Pittsburgh?
Vanessa James: Hey! I was born there!

Matthew Scott: (Looking through binoculars) Check it out!
Dr. Nicholas Rush: (Takes binoculars) What is it?
Matthew Scott: It's some kind of an animal.
Master Sgt. Ronald Greer: (With an enthusiastic voice) Is it something we can barbecue?

Colonel Everett Young: Water level's down again. You're sure nobody went near that compartment on your watch?
Sgt. Riley: Spencer came by and asked if he could have a look at the tank.
Colonel Everett Young: Why?
Sgt. Riley: He's a crazy person... sir. Anyway, I said no.

Dr. Nicholas Rush: Destiny... The design is clearly ancient... Launched hundred of thousands of years ago.
Matthew Scott: Where the hell are we?
Dr. Nicholas Rush: Several billion light years from home.
Matthew Scott: (to everyone) We are on a ship, but we have no idea where we are in relation to Earth.
Dr. Nicholas Rush: This ship could be the most important discovery Mankind has made since the stargate itself.
Everett Young: (briefing Lt. General Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill) These are the wrong people, in the wrong place...
Matthew Scott: (to Dr. Rush) We've got a lot of wounded. We need to get home.
Dr. Nicholas Rush: (to Colonel Everett Young) We barely have enough power to operate the main systems. This ship simply doesn't have the capability to dial Earth. (another chevron locks)

Camile Wray: Still, it's enough to loosen the rationing restrictions, isn't it?
Colonel Everett Young: You know, I think I know where you're going with this, and believe me when i say that I, too, could use a shower.
Eli Wallace: I don't think the showers use water. They just spray a sort of mist that you kinda stand in and it sort of beads up.
Lt. Matthew Scott: How could you know all that if you haven't tried it?
Eli Wallace: How do you know I haven't tried it?
Lt. Matthew Scott: Oh! We know.
Eli Wallace: Thank you, Lt. Rose Garden.
Chloe Armstrong: Oh, he's right, you're worse than he is.
Colonel Everett Young: Oh, you can tell them apart.

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