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Rules of Engagement quotes

Russell Dunbar: Where have you been? It's 3 minutes till curtain.
Audrey Bingham: I know, I'm sorry. I had to blow Jeff off and it took longer than I expected.
Russell Dunbar: What did you think? The guy isn't 18 anymore.
Audrey Bingham: Blow him off, As in not go to the boat show with him.
Russell Dunbar: Hah, you know, I thought...
Audrey Bingham: Yeah I know what you thought.

Audrey Bingham: Are those crumbs on your face? Oh my God, you ate the bu** pie?
Jeff Bingham: It was paid for.

Adam Rhodes: You look like a banker in a bad po***.
Russell Dunbar: Like there's such a thing as a bad po***.
Adam Rhodes: Well the one that you lent us last week was... bad.
Jennifer: Us? We didn't watch any po***
Adam Rhodes: Were... Were you not there?

Jeff Bingham: Huh, ten more minutes, nice!

Jeff Bingham: Hey.
Audrey Bingham: Hey! Oh good, you're home. Listen, I was talking to some people...
Jeff Bingham: Oh, wow wow wow! I... just walked in the door, if we're gonna talk I gotta get a can of listening juice.

Audrey Bingham: He has this whole other side that is cultured and kind and sensitive but he won't show it to you cause he's afraid you'll make fun of him
Russell Dunbar: Thank you, I'm a dead man.
Audrey Bingham: No. No you are not. Jeff, please tell him you're not gonna tease him.

Jeff Bingham: Let me say that I swear on the souls of my grandchildren that I will not be the one who breaks the peace we have made here today.
Adam Rhodes: Why is he looking at me?
Jeff Bingham: The Godfather?
Adam Rhodes: Oh... No, never saw it.
Jeff Bingham: You've never seen The Godfather?
Audrey Bingham: Oh, here we go.
Adam Rhodes: No, my parents were hippies... They didn't want me to see anything too violent.
Jeff Bingham: Then close your eyes cause I'm gonna punch you in the face.

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