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Rome quotes

Gaius Octavian: I dare say I can kill a man, so long as he's not fighting back.

Mark Antony: You boys play too rough for me. Knives in the Senate House? I didn't know you had it in you. No, I will serve out my term as consul and then return to the provinces, plough my fields and fu** my slaves like old Cincinnatus.

Titus Pullo: Priests, crooks many of them. I just talk directly to whatever god I'm doing business with. bu**** the priests.

Titus Pullo: (wakes up during the night; sees Eirene approaching)
Titus Pullo: (smiles)
Titus Pullo: Eirene. It's good to see you.
Titus Pullo: (gasps, but doesn't fight her) Fair enough.
Titus Pullo: (closes eyes)
Titus Pullo: (peeks)
Titus Pullo: Erm... i-if-if... If you can't do it... th-that's all right too.

Lucius Vorenus: Pullo, when was the last time you were with a woman who wasn't crying or wanting payment?

Titus Pullo: So you Cicero, then?
Marcus Tullius Cicero: What is your name, young man?
Titus Pullo: Titus Pullo, sir. Late of the Thirteenth.
Marcus Tullius Cicero: Ah, the famous Titus Pullo. I'm honoured.
Titus Pullo: Likewise, honoured. Talk about famous. Everyone's heard of Cicero.
Marcus Tullius Cicero: (Smiles) Yes. I daresay, your work today will earn you immortality.
Titus Pullo: How's that?
Marcus Tullius Cicero: I will be in all the history books. My killer's name, no doubt, will live on also.
Titus Pullo: (Slightly disappointed) Ah, my name... thought you meant me. (He looks aside) Good peaches! (Walks over to the peach tree)
Marcus Tullius Cicero: Yes, just getting ripe. Thee's no way... I can dissuade you from your task, I suppose? I have a great deal of money.
Titus Pullo: No, sorry. Normally, I'd be tempted, but you're far too important. Imagine the fuss: I get back and I haven't done my job.

Titus Pullo: You should leave her maybe. Seeing as she makes you so unhappy.
Lucius Vorenus: No! No! I will not leave her! (slumps on the ground) I would rather die than leave her.
Titus Pullo: (pulls Vorenus to his feet, holds him close) It's alright, lamb. It will be alright.

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