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Robin Hood quotes

Robin Hood: It is surprising that you are not married.
Marian: It is. And yet when one considers that marriage requires a man-perhaps not.

Much: (as he is applying pressure to Marian's wound, as well as holding his finger in the wound) I'm not doing anything; I'm just pressing, right?
Djaq: Yes. There's not much else we can do. The other physician has the instruments.
Much: (pause) Should I be able to feel a heartbeat?
Djaq: Yes.
Much: (Stopping her) What are you doing, what are you doing? You'll hurt her!
Djaq: Trust me, Much! Where she is, she cannot feel a thing!
Much: (Djaq begins repeatedly pounding Marian's chest) Come on, come on, Marian.
Much: (Feeling Marian's pulse in the wound) YES! YES!
Much: (Throwing his arms in the air) ALLAH BE PRAISED!
Little John: (Raising his arms likewise) ALLAH BE PRAISED!
Much: Well, how did you do that?
Djaq: Put your finger back in! Now! (Much puts his finger back in the wound)

Robin Hood: (Yelling at Marian) Every time you go out, you get arrested, or stabbed- or *betrothed*!

Robin Hood: (as John is watching his son and wife ride away on a cart headed for a new life) I thought... (pulls John's necklace out of his pocket) you might like this back.
Little John: There's only one. Where's the other?
Little Little John: (Holding up the necklace and shouting) I shall *never* forget! *My father* is a comrade of *Robin Hooooooood*!
Little John: (to himself as the cart passes out of sight) Goodbye, my son. (to Robin and the others) *Him,* I am proud to know. *You*... I'm *stuck* with.

Marian: (pointing an arrow to Robin's head) You heard my father. Leave.
Robin Hood: Marian!... It's me, Robin.
Marian: Congratulations. Leave!

Guy Of Gisborne: (dying) This is the end.
Robin Hood: For you and me both, my friend.

Much: Where is everybody? Funny, Wednesday used to be market day.
Robin Hood: I think Wednesday might still be market day.

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