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Ranma quotes

Nabiki Tendo: So you're telling me you didn't even feel him doing it?
Tatewaki Kuno: (Ranma has scratched the kanji for "insufferable" on Kuno's forehead) And to think that I thought that Ranma Saotome was good, when he doesn't even know how to spell! My name is written *this* way. (writes the kanji for "capable" on the blackboard)
Nabiki Tendo: Nabiki: Isn't it more like this? (writes the kanji for "incapable" on the blackboard)
Tatewaki Kuno: You realize that I hate you.
Nabiki Tendo: (sarcastically) Ooh, I'm *so* scared.

Nabiki Tendo: Oh Ranma, we shouldn't! We aren't even married yet!
Ranma Saotome: Come on, Baby! Give daddy some sugar!

Ranma Saotome: (after Akane ridicules him, AGAIN) You're so... SO... cute...

Ranma Saotome: (repeated line, to Akane) You're so uncute!

Ranma Saotome: (Talking about Happosai, who is stuck on him by magic) From now on, we'll live together, like conjoined twins!

Nabiki Tendo: (before Ranma goes out with Kuno while in female form) This is Kuno, remember? What if he can't CONTROL himself?
Akane Tendou: Ohh... She's right... What if he...?
Tatewaki Kuno: Magic sword, make me ONE with the Pigtailed Girl!
Ranma Saotome: (seductively) You want it, Baby? You got it! (puckers up)
Tatewaki Kuno: Here I come!
Akane Tendou: AAAHHHH!
Ranma Saotome: (disgusted) EEEAAGHH! Don't even JOKE about that, okay? (runs to mirror) Do you think I should shave?
Genma Saotome: You want I should help you with your makeup?
Akane Tendou: ...Ranma...!

Ranma Saotome: This is it! At last, my real body!

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