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Prison Break quotes

Captain Brad Bellick: You thieving sun of a bi***. You better get down on your knees and pray to God that I never find you because if I do, mark my words: I will gut you bow to stern.

Warden Henry Pope: (Cut to Pope's office. Michael huddles over the model of the Taj Mahal) How are those allergies?
Michael Scofield: Excuse me.
Warden Henry Pope: In your motion you sighted chronic um...
Michael Scofield: Sinusitis.
Warden Henry Pope: Mmm.
Michael Scofield: It's not an allergy actually. It's an uh, bacterial infection.
Warden Henry Pope: Hmm.
Michael Scofield: The moist air from the river along the east wall helps keeps me, you know (he sniffs) clear.
Warden Henry Pope: (smiling) I'm impressed. Not even a week in here and you're already working it like an old con.
Michael Scofield: Well, you've got one up on me Warden. You know why I needed to file those motions, but I have no idea why you needed to transfer me.
Warden Henry Pope: Traffic control Scofield, that's all. Traffic control. Look, it's coming up on five o'clock. What do you say we call it a day?
Michael Scofield: (sighing) I don't think I can do that, Sir.
Warden Henry Pope: Why not?
Michael Scofield: If I let go of this support right now, the whole thing's coming down. See, the Taj was designed using axial force. A series of internal forces along the longitudinal axis.
Warden Henry Pope: Ah, how much longer?
Michael Scofield: Depends on how long it takes to dry. If you need me to leave, I can show your secretary how to hold it.
Warden Henry Pope: Alright, you can stay till it dries, there'll be a guard outside the door. Just check in with Becky when you're done and she'll have somebody escort you back to your cell.
Michael Scofield: Alright.
Warden Henry Pope: And uh, Scofield? I want to thank you for showing up today. I would have understood it if you didn't.
Michael Scofield: We had a deal.
Warden Henry Pope: Right. Still, thanks. My wife is going to love it.
Michael Scofield: You're welcome. (after Pope leaves, Michael releases hold on the support structure. It doesn't collapse at all. Michael moves to the door where he listens to make sure the coast is clear. Pope is gone, but CO Paterson remains behind, flirting with Becky)

Michael Scofield: I'll testify for you, whatever it takes.
Alexander Mahone: Wow, look at that halo that just appeared above your head!

Dr. Sara Tancredi: This is where you're breaking out of? This room?
Michael Scofield: There are alarm contacts on the glass surrounding the door. Otherwise I wouldn't need you to...
Dr. Sara Tancredi: I was part of your plan. Was it all an act?
Michael Scofield: At first, yes. I needed to be here. But then I wanted to here... with you.
Dr. Sara Tancredi: Right.
Michael Scofield: And it's killing to know that you'll never believe that. Whatever you may think of me, this about Lincoln. Don't make him pay for my mistakes.

Michael Scofield: It's just math.
Fernando Sucre: What if your math is wrong?
Michael Scofield: You'll drill into one of a dozen gas lines behind the wall. There'll be an explosion and we'll be burned alive.
Fernando Sucre: But you're good at math, right?

Jesus: You ever heard of a gentlemens' game?
Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin: Yes I have, but this ain't it. You wanna borrow some money, ask your boys. but I'm in here to make money bro.

Denise: I have never done that before.
Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell: Then I guess we were making up for some lost time.
Denise: I have to ask, Sam, are you, uh... are you married or something?
Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell: Me? No. What makes you think...
Denise: Come on now. I may be plain, but I'm not a fool. Usually the men I end up with are just looking for something, you know...on the side.
Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell: Denise, the only "side" I'm interested in, is the inside. And that place within not plain.
Denise: I have to get back to work.
Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell: Do you really?
Denise: I have to close tonight.
Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell: How 'bout I pick you up after? We can have dinner.
Denise: Are you sure?
Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell: Denise...I insist.

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