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Primeval quotes

Mrs. Davis: I didn't expect the SAS!
Professor Nick Cutter: The town council takes pest control very seriously, Mrs Davis.

Claudia Brown: The police have charged Diane Johnson.
James Lester: The police have charged Diane Johnson!
Claudia Brown: We have to intervene!
James Lester: We're not going to do that.
Claudia Brown: Why not?
James Lester: Because I won't allow this story to become public property. At least in prison the newspapers can't get hold of her.
Claudia Brown: So you're just going to let them lock up an innocent and traumatized girl!
James Lester: Of course it's undesirable, but it would be far worse to release her to cause panic and disorder. I'll see that the charges are dropped when the immediate crisis is under control.
Claudia Brown: But that could take months!
James Lester: And would you rather tell the police that an ancient sea monster is cruising our swimming pools consuming life-guards? I know the... injustice stinks, but the correct decisions are often painful.

Sir James Lester: You know I'll never look at athlete's foot the same again.

Connor Temple: Look, if I don't come back you can have my Star Trek Next Generation Top Trumps.
Abby Maitland: I'll treasure them.
Connor Temple: D'you know what? On second thoughts I think you should bury them with me.

Nick Cutter: Connor never met a conspiracy theory he didn't like.

Connor Temple: I can't do this anymore.

Connor Temple: Re-e-ex! Where are you, dude?
Abby Maitland: Did you think he was going to send up a distress flare or something?
Connor Temple: He knows the sound of my voice; I'm thinkin' he might come running.
Abby Maitland: He's a lizard, not a golden retriever!

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