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Pretty Little Liars quotes

Lucas Gottesman: This sucks. The first time I get to photograph a real tornado, and they shove us in a room without windows.
Hanna Marin: You don't want to see a real tornado.
Mona Vanderwall: (behind Hanna and lucas) Of course he does. He needs to get to Oz so he can ask the Wizard for a pe***.
Hanna Marin: Mona, can I talk to you for a sec?
Hanna Marin: Why can't you leave him alone? I mean, what has he ever done to you besides remind you that two short years ago, we were him?
Mona Vanderwall: He bugs me.
Hanna Marin: Yeah. Well, I think you're the one who needs a trip to Oz. See if the Wizard can find you a heart.

Emily Fields: You're not paranoid if somebody's really out to get you.

Toby Cavanaugh: I love you, so much
Spencer Hastings: I wanted to say that first

Aria Montgomery: Mom.
Ella Montgomery: Yeah?
Aria Montgomery: Can I have a carrot?

Spencer Hastings: He had his hands in her panty drawer!

Alison Dilaurentis: (to Emily) A kiss is a kiss. I like boys. Trust me, if I'm kissing you, it's because it's practice for the real thing.

Aria Montgomery: Don't you guys have practice, or did you lose your ba***?

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