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Perry Mason quotes

Milo Girard: You're a hack, Hubble. You have all the creativity of a housepainter.
Aaron Hubble: They said that about Van Gogh.
Milo Girard: Then why don't you compare yourself to Da Vinci while you're at it?

Lola Florey: Little Lola made a boo-boo.

Perry Mason: Now it seems to me the place to start is at the beginning.

Sherman Hatfield: Mr. Gaussner, you may answer this question with a yes or a no or anyway you like. What were your feelings for Hollis Wilburn?

Judson Warner: Why do you make us all goose-pimply happy and drop dead.

Woman: Oh Dr. Kenyon, you were so right! Everything you said in your column was the truth. Culross is so, so chic. I've already bought his "Moonscape" and "Tenement Shadows." Can you suggest a third? You see, the wall will hold three if the frames are small.
Dr. Vincent Kenyon: Well, I think his "Perspective in Black" might be just the thing. Over there, before anyone else gets it.

Alan Durfee: Whaddya suppose is in there, Doc? Hitler's garters?

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