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Paranoia Agent quotes

Fuyubachi, Zebra, Kamome: IT'S HIM! The great Lil' Slugger!
Kamome: Excuse me, are you the real...? (Fuyubachi claps her mouth shut)

Kamome, Zebra, Fuyubachi: It would be really nice...!

Fuyubachi: I am sorry.

Fuyubachi: They said on the news that our friend Fox was killed by Lil' Slugger.
Zebra: Isn't Lil' Slugger that serial street attacker they arrested? The one who killed himself in jail?
Fuyubachi: No, no. Apparently, the person they arrested was an imposter, who turned out to really be Fox.
Kamome: You mean, he was killed inside the police station? By Lil' Slugger?
Fuyubachi: (teasing) I don't know. They say the only way the chair could have got inside is through the wall! (Kamome freaks out)

Zebra: Did you wait long?
Fuyubachi: Waiting can be fun... BTW, where's Kamome?
Zebra: Said she's going to bed for the big day tomorrow... (Two strangers, both wearing a distinctive Maromi bag, come across and recognize each other)

Zebra: I heard that Lil' Slugger can appear anywhere, can attack at any time...
Fuyubachi: That's just a rumour. All sorts of stories get blown all out of proportion, you know? I mean, first of all, if it's true he comes for people who are emotionally cornered, then he should have come for us a long time ago...

Kamome: Aha! Zebra and Fuyubachi!
Fuyubachi: (shocked) She's a child!

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