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NipTuck quotes

Gina Russo: (surprise to see Christian show up in person) Phone out of order?
Christian Troy: I just thought I should be here to catch you when you fainted from shock. I think we should have this baby. I mean, you should have it, and I'll pay for it.
Gina Russo: Cue the violins. Why the change of heart?
Christian Troy: I've realized I want more. I wanna give more.

Christian Troy: I'm a jackrabbit. I don't do slow and steady. I've paid my dues and I want some overnight success.

Sean Mcnamara: They're a mystery, you know. I can reconstruct her external parts, maybe even revitalize dying tissue, but pleasure, release, ecstasy...
Christian Troy: All we're doing is maximizing her potential. She just wants a fighting chance to feel, or at the very least look like the woman she could have been if she lived in this country instead of a place where men are such pu***** they have to neuter their women to get a hard on.
Sean Mcnamara: Let's go rebuild a cl******.

Christian Troy: I'm doing this after hours because I don't want Michelle to know. You deal with me now.
James: You're not going to tell her the sacrifices you're making on her behalf? And they say chivalry is dead.
Christian Troy: (about her rejuvenated hands) How do they feel?
James: Clean. Untouched by time. If only you could do the same with my heart.

Matt Mcnamara: Vanessa, this isn't all about Ridley. What do you want?
Vanessa: I just want her to love me, that's all.
Matt Mcnamara: Is all this effort worth it?
Vanessa: You tell me, Matt? Is all this pain worth it to you?
Matt Mcnamara: Pain? I'm a guy who's about to have a three-way!

Sean Mcnamara: It's not the past I'm worried about, Christian, it's your future. Liars don't just pick a day to stop lying. And if you lay down with dogs, you're gonna wake up with fleas.

Merrill Bobolit: (referring to Kimber Henry as his ideal wife) My DNA mixed with hers all but assures a blond Jew.

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