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Murphy Brown quotes

Murphy: (in labor) Jim, cut me open! Cut me open and get this kid out of me! Use a scalpel, use a pocket-knife, use a rotten, stinking melon-baller if you have to, just do it!
Corky: Here's some ice cubes, Murphy. Can I put some in your mouth, I see your hands are full.
Murphy: Screw the ice cubes, Corky! You're a woman, you gotta help me! Smother me with the pillow! Do it for sisterhood! Do it for Betty Fernand! Kill me now!
Jim: (looking at the monitor) She's going to blow! (everyone ducks as the next contraction hits and Murphy screams)

Murphy: I already know how to breathe and I am the last person who needs lessons on how to push.

Murphy: (talking to Stuart Best) There was no chemistry, there was no old gang! And if there was, you weren't apart of it. You drove us nuts! Taking off your shoes, humming while you ate, and there's no such word as alls, it's all. It's all I know! It wasn't the network, it was us! We wanted you fired! My names Murph-Y! Get off the stage.

Jim: Murphy, do you need any money?
Murphy: Jim, I make as much as you do.
Jim: Good God Miles, is that true?

Murphy: (hears helicopters at Corky's wedding) Helicopter. (runs outside. Screams at the Copters) Get out of here, you vultures! You're not getting one lousy picture. I've got a *bazooka*! And I'm not afraid to use it!
Corky: Murphy, get in here!

Kay: I've talked to the network and they agree that given the quality of your work lately, they have no choice but to give all of you five days at a beautiful Mexican resort totally at their expense. See what I did there? You thought I was going to do something evil but I went a different way!

Jim: I can't hear you. My flesh is being consumed by acid.

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